Welcome to LeetSolve!#

Hi! My name is Nhut Nguyen. I’m a passionate programmer who loves to solve coding challenges and puzzles in my free time. In this site, I will share my C++ solutions to various coding challenges from LeetCode.

I aim to provide a platform for you - aspiring programmers, hobbyists, and professionals to learn from my approach to these challenges and improve your problem-solving skills. I believe that by sharing my solutions, I can help you and those who are struggling with similar challenges and provide insights into the best practices for solving them.

My solutions are written in C++. I also provide detailed explanations of my approach to the challenges, including my thought processes and any trade-offs I considered. I hope this site will serve as a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their coding skills, learn new programming techniques, or simply enjoy the challenge of solving coding puzzles.

If you want to improve your programming skills and learn new techniques, this site is for you! Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.

Let’s learn and grow together as a community of passionate programmers!

Nhut Nguyen, Ph.D.



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